Lexington Lane Development in Russell Ohio


  • 3 acres
  • No home-size restrictions
  • $70,000-80,000

This development has land that is quite possibly the best value in Russell. Located 1/4 mile East of Rt 306 and Pekin, the land was originally marketed at $140,000 two years ago until the bank reclaimed the land and sold most of it off for less than half of the original asking price. The result is that this land is now owned by some investors and builders, but most of the lots are still for sale to anyone who wants them.

Some of the lots are wooded, while others are more open. Several lots back up to a hay field. The land is no longer subject to deed restrictions on size or design, so this development can support a wide range of tastes. We would expect most homes built here to be around 2400-3500 square feet, and two homes are currently under construction.


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